Dear friends, Hello! As is known to all, China is undergoing major changes! Chinese economy is in transition, from pushing the national Belt and Road Initiative to Prime Minister Lee said: go out! Undoubtedly, it tells us that Chinese enterprises have been restricted and shackled by the existing system! Enterprises should continue to survive, develop, not wait, nor wait! In particular, the financial sector, after all, we have only developed for 20 years, the current laws and regulations seriously hinder our development, said the simple point, the Securities Act is still under revision, the interests of customers where there will be guarantees? And the process of global economic integration is advancing by leaps and bounds! If enterprises do not catch up with the pace, they will be eliminated by the times! So the vast Asian Jinhui group in September 2016 in the Republic of Vanuatu after birth!

  The vast Asian Jinhui group main business: international trade, tourism and financial products. In line with the world, a more perfect, transparent and equitable international law gives us new vitality! We also provide a new platform. By The Belt and Road spring to take, "going out" express, the vast Jinhui brought together the world's top talent with the world's most advanced management concepts, to create the most excellent team! We believe in this team and with your support and love, the vast Asian Jinhui group will have a better tomorrow!