After verification by the Company’s Legal Department ,we have found that other companies misappropriating our company’s logo and brand.This behavior has bought a series of negative effects to our company.We have contacted the law enforcement officials,and then we will investigate the legal liability .Meanwhile we have submitted an application to supervision department to change our logo.Please pay more attention to our company for more details.

Notes to open an account:

1. Our company (Asia vast Jinhui Group Co., Ltd.) is a financial institution that assists customers in opening accounts and providing investment service consultation within the territory of the people's Republic of China according to law.
2. Please do not inform the company or any other personnel of the account password.
3. All operations must be carried out in person. 
4. Our company is only a service institution providing financial platform and information consultation. 
5. Our company can provide free consulting services. 
6. If there is a special agreement between the customer and our company, please provide a written supplementary agreement, and we will cooperate with you to handle the relevant procedures.