European Union issues cause future stock markets to plummet

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According to the latest survey shows that the current market is no longer Chinese maximum tail risk of RMB devaluation again, but in July the fund managers are most worried about things, followed by the European bond market crash. 22% of respondents said that the current biggest concern is the disintegration of the European Union, and then the devaluation of the RMB, and 18% of respondents chose this option. America's inflation rate rose rapidly, ranking third.

It is not clear why the European Union has suddenly become the biggest concern for fund managers. Of course, fund managers may think longer than the average person. Fund managers may fear that the rise of nationalism in Europe could lead to the collapse of the European Union, as the terrorist attacks in Europe continue to occur. If all this is possible, German President Merkel will need to make every effort to ensure that Turkey will not withdraw from the agreement reached between the European Union and Turkey in March 2016. The influx of millions of refugees will be beyond the reach of Merkel.

Few fund managers believe the stock market will plummet in the next three months. But taking into account the S & P 500's short sales to a 3 year low, the group's most aggressive investors are not worried about a fall in the market, but are heading for risk.