Does Britain have a special status in the European Union?

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The past two months, the British government in Europe and hesitate to move forward on the process, that the "boss" can't watch anymore. Michael Roth, a German official in charge of European affairs, recently said Britain may have a "special status" in relations with the European Union, but urged the British government to begin talks with Europe early next year.

Although Britain decided to withdraw from the European Union in the June 23rd referendum, British Prime Minister Teresa May said Britain needed more time to prepare for the talks, so it would not start European terms by the end of the year. The British government may delay launching a formal European procedure until late next year. According to the regulations, it takes two years to formally withdraw from the procedure. This means that the European process may be postponed to the end of 2019.

What is Britain grappling with in the face of the start off process? Tsinghua University School of public administration assistant researcher Hu Naijun believes that even at the end of the year to carry out off the European negotiations, the negotiation process also need about two years time, in the past two years, the British how to exit, with what kind of rhythm from Europe, and Europe and the EU is what relation, need from four aspects of personnel, capital, goods and services to talk about. Even if Britain were to break away from the EU, it would be very close to the European countries in these four areas. Neither the UK nor the EU has the heart to break up completely, but it does not want to be a whole as it were, and wants to maintain close ties." Hu Naijun says.

With regard to Britain's talks with Europe, the focus may be on the game between EU market access and free movement of personnel. The news that last month, the European Union is considering to make major concessions to Britain, given to Britain for more than seven years "privilege", allowed Britain to limit the freedom of labor into the UK at the same time, keep Britain into the EU single market rights.

But in his recent position, Roth said: "the free movement of labor is the right that the EU attaches great importance to, and we will not waver." Roth said that Britain must start the Treaty of Lisbon in fiftieth, is it possible to start a serious discussion. The treaty sets a two-year deadline for leaving the eu. He said it would be possible to complete consultations within two years, before the next election of the European Parliament in 2019. Asked whether Britain could adopt a pattern similar to that of Switzerland or Norway, Roth said the agreement with Britain might be different from that of other countries. Switzerland and Norway are members of the European Union, but close relations with the eu. "In view of the importance and long-term scale, Britain is a member of the European Union, have given its special status, and other EU countries never belong to no comparable," he said, "I hope that between the EU and UK to maintain close relations as much as possible." But he also said: "never allow the advantage."