Asia Vast Jinhui Group was established on January 1, 2017 with a registered capital of US $ 30 million. Headquartered in the Republic of Vanuatu, the capital of Port Vila.

  Asia Vast Jinhui Group Main: tourism, transportation and financial derivatives.

  Asia Vast Jinhui Group has attracted years of practical experience and accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge in the above areas of domestic industry elite, and for the characteristics of the international market developed a series of innovative Of financial products and services. Excellence in expertise and operational experience ensure that the ever-changing international market provides customers with an effective integrated capital market solution.

  Asia Vast Jinhui Group has absorbed a large number of professionals around the world to create a high level of professionalism, excellence in innovation, outstanding business skills and proven experience in project implementation. Professional team. Our team attaches importance to building mutual trust and long-term relationships with our clients, providing comprehensive financial services and technical support to help clients achieve their strategic objectives of investment and development.